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Historic Finnish Dates - 1155 - 1150

Historic Finnish Dates

I found this on the internet - if you click above it takes you to the site. I thought it was an interesting overview of early Finland.

1155 The First Crusade to Finland, launched by Swedes and led by the English bishop Henry and the Swedish king Erik (later canonized and made Sweden's patron saint, St.Erik, and Finland's patron saint, St.Henry, respectively ).

1156 According to the legend, bishop Henry is murdered by the peasant Lalli on the frozen surface of lake Köyliö.

1229The bishop's seat is moved from Nousiainen to Koroinen in the vicinity of modern Turku; the year is considered to be the founding year of Turku, which becomes the capital of the eastern half of the kingdom.

1249 After a pagan uprising, the Second Crusade to Tavastia (a province of western/central Finland) is launched by Birger Jarl and the pagans are defeated.

1293 The Third Crusade by Sweden's marsk Torgils Knutsson to Karelia, a province of eastern Finland, establishes the borderline between Catholic West and Orthodox East for the centuries to come. The castle and town of Viipuri/Viborg are founded to defend the border.

1323 The peace of Näteburg (Pähkinäsaari) between Sweden and Russia. Finland's eastern border is defined for the first time. It has been noted that Finland's borders were established in the Treat of Schlysselburg (today Petrokreport) in Finnish Pahkinasaari. (need to figure out how to get dots over the A's!)

1350 The first Swedish national law replaced the local provincial laws.

1362 Finns receive the right to participate in the election of the king.

1387/97-1523 The era of the Kalmar Union, with Finland, Sweden, Denmark Norway and Iceland united as a single kingdom.

1495-97 War against Russia. During a siege of Viipuri, just as the Russians are about to get over the city walls, St. Andrew's cross appears in the sky and the frightened Russians flee from battle. In reality, what happened was probably the exploding of a gunpowder tower.

1527 Reformation. Finland becomes Lutheran with the rest of Sweden.

1550 Helsinki founded by Gustav Vasa, but remains little more than a fishing village for more than two centuries.

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