Board of Directors

As we head into 2023, the club is still active with a lot of work being done behind the scenes. We hope to have the information on this site updated. If you live in the lower mainland of Vancouver, BC please visit us at our club. Details can be found here at the Scandinavian Community Centre
The board is elected every September. This year, our annual general meeting will take place in December. We are always looking for new people, of all ages, to join the board. 
The 2020/21 Board of Directors include:

Members of the Board of Directors

Dianne Kilback President dkilback @

Doris Helgren Secretary

Fred Levo

Lyyli Ellip

Janet Mowatt

Volunteer: Chris Yli-Luoma

Our best regards to both Irene McCutcheon and Mabel Eastwood, both have stepped down from the board. 

CFF on Facebook:  For articles, notices, news and up-to-date information go to our Facebook Page: Canadian Friends of Finland

The 2013/14 Board of Directors included: 
Dianne Kilback (President), Doris Helgren (Secretary), Mabel Eastwood (Treasurer), Leena Lambert (Newsletter Editor), Fred Levo, Veikko Niemela, Kaija Oliver, Chris Yli-Luoma (Social Media/Membership), Irja Liisa Lantela

Former board members include:

Irja-Liisa Lantela
Ulf Fagerlund 
Laara Atley   
Chris Yli-Luoma                     

Deanna Fogstrom (2008-2009)  
Yasushi Ishimura (until 2013)                     
Irene McCutcheon - Founding member
Kristiina Morrison                           
Helena  Niskala                
Veikko  Pajunen                              
Robert  Poutt                    
Kaija Rautiainen - Founding member