Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Would you like to listen to Soitellaan, the Finnish radio program from Victoria?

The one and a half hour live program is hosted by Pirkko Kiansten from the University of Victoria radio station CFUV 101.9 FM every Saturday morning.

The program has become a tradition for many Finns who have tuned in since 1991 when it first started broadcasting on CFUV.

Soitellaan is an eclectic mixture of music,old and new, some never heard in radio before, Finnish poetry, Pirkko's own commentary, as well as interesting radio plays which she has purchased at her own expense from YLE, the Finnis,h Broadcasting Company.

In 1992 The Board of YLE granted Soitellaan broadcasting rights that are equivalent to its own regional radio stations in Finland.

Over the years, artists and bands, as well as many of her listeners around the world, have sent additions to her own huge collection of recorded music.

The theme song at the beginning of the program is well the known Säkkijärven polkka … see the story below.

During the summer months, from the early May to the end of August, the listeners of Soitellaan can also enjoy the nostalgic call of the cuckoo at the beginning of the program!

Tune in to UVIC Campus Radio CFUV on the Internet at every Saturday 9.30 am - 11.00 am.

Archived programs can be found:

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