Friday, January 9, 2009

First Marimekko concept store in Canada

Lucky me - for the holiday season I got some wonderful pieces from Marimekko. And in case you didn't know it there is a Marimekko store in Vancouver. But the best place I like to buy Marimekko? When I'm visiting Helsinki and shopping with my cousins who all seem to have this amazing sense of style. But given that I only get to Finland every 4 or 5 years this fits me when I get a craving for Marimekko.

The first Marimekko concept store in Canada opened in Vancouver on 14 November 2007. With around 2.1 million inhabitants, metropolitan Vancouver is the biggest metropolitan area in Western Canada. The 180 m2 store is located in trendy Yaletown, a downtown spot known for its hip clothing, shoe and interior decoration shops. North America is one of Marimekko’s most important export markets, with very strong growth registered in the last couple of years.

This year, Marimekko concept stores have also been opened in Yokohama and Nagoya, Japan; Silver Spring in metropolitan Washington DC, the United States; Graz, Austria; and Aalborg, Denmark.

Run by independent retailers, Marimekko concept stores are shops that sell exclusively Marimekko products and carry a comprehensive selection of merchandise from all the different Marimekko lines: clothing, interior decoration and bags. Developing and anchoring the concept store idea based on Marimekko’s lifestyle thinking represents an important part in Marimekko’s internationalisation strategy.

The address of the Marimekko concept store in Vancouver:
Marimekko Concept Store Vancouver
Mekko Designs Inc.
1233 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 6K3

Hours of operation are 10:30 to 6:0, with shortened hours on Sunday of 12 to 5:00.

604 609 2881, or email

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  1. ........after shopping you may want ot stop @ Cafe next door (on North side of store) and Mgr. Matti Rikkinen will serve you the best cup of organic coffee (and a huge sandwich) you'll ever find in Vancouver. Say Hello to Matti! ....Ron