Monday, March 9, 2009


After 42 years in print, Books from Finland has moved into a paper-free future as, from January 2009 onwards, the journal has gone online.  Volume XLII No 4 2008 Books from Finland is the last printed issue of the journal and readers are now invited to visit the journal's website at  There you will be able to continue reading, free of charge, translations of Finnish literature, features, articles, news, reviews and interviews.  The internet BfF will, of course, be printable on your computer, and for real traditionalists, the physical journal will be available through digital print services. 

 From mid-April there will be a whole new issue to celebrate the new existence of the journal. 

Translations of the work of Finnish writers and selections of related articles from past decades of Books from Finland will also find their way to the internet; the material is being indexed during the course of the year 2009.

The virtual Books from Finland will not only be free of charge to its readers but will also be environmentally sound and much more frequent – there are plans to post new material at least once a week. 

Stay with Books from Finland when it moves to its new, interactive future!   

P.S.  Canadian Friends of Finland has copies of the 2007 and 2008 issues of BfF available for borrowing with its collection of films in the Finnish Library at the Scandinavian Community Centre.

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