Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Contributions for 2009 CFF Winter/Christmas Newsletter...deadline Nov 22

Dear Canadian Friends of Finland Members,


The CFF Newsletter Winter/Christmas issue is being planned again.  As usual, we need interesting new material.  The articles should preferably relate to Finland/Canada or perhaps have some Finnish connection to our experiences in North America – fact or fiction, informative or humorous.  The stories can be short or as long as two pages and illustrations would be good too. Poetry is always welcome.  Material can be original or copied, although copied submissions should acknowledge the source if possible.


Please think about something. Don’t worry about there being too many articles – we can always save them for a future issue.    


As the Newsletter is put together and prepared for mailing by volunteers, it does take some time, so our deadline for receipt of articles is 22 November 09.


Please send your contributions either by mail (the address below),  or by e-mail to LeenaLambert  @    telus.net   or ulf_fagerlund  @   telus.net



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