Friday, February 26, 2010

Wille Yli-Luoma snowboarding in New Zealand

Some of you might have heard me mention my cousin - here's a nice piece that  ties in two of my favourite topics: New Zealand and stuff about Finland (in this case my cousin).

Take a little visual trip with Volcom Pro Snowboarder Wille YLi-Luoma during a summer snowboard extravaganza in a land far away. This Southern Hemisphere gem located is on the South Island of New Zealand. During the mission, Wille found fresh snow, plenty of pie and some helicopter time.

His five favourite NZ memories:

1. Heli laps-no need for explanation here. Use your imagination.
2. Glacier Picnic-in between heli laps and hiking, Wille and the crew surprisingly found hot lunch on the cold glacier snowfield.
3. Breaking the local espresso machine-this Portland, OR resident is serious about his caffeine. So serious, he seriously broke an espresso machine sharing his trick to making lightning mud! Sorry about that Mountaineers club! (and recently opened his coffee house in Portland  "Heart")
4. Meat pie-pie is equivalent to a hot dog in the USA. A staple NZ’d delight.
5. Bike trails-Wille is bike enthusiast; he boxed up and shipped down a bike to rip around during the down time.

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