Friday, December 31, 2010

Ulf's Christmas Eve

Anita, my wife of 60 years, and I celebrated Christmas Eve with 25
family members. Everyone pitched in which we were thankful for.
We had the traditional Swedish ham (19 lb., cooked by a daughter-in-law
and Anita), scalloped potatoes, turnip casserole, carrot casserole,
tarts, Anita's hot mustard and apple sauce, all traditional. And,
naturally, gingerbread cookies and cakes in countless forms prepared by
two daughters. We have for several years given up the attempt to seat
them all at a table.
Customarily we start the evening with two " aquavit snapses" (nowadays
greatly reduced in number) after singing two drinking songs "Helan går,
sjung hopp,faderalla lej..." and "Hej tomtegubbar, slå i glasen....".
Most of the people in the crowd (even Canadian in-laws) can sing the
words, although only few know the meaning of them. The snapses are
accompanied by small tidbits with sill and lox. Happy New Year!
Anita and Ulf

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